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»Mzansi« – Soweto-Collage
curated by Anja Gerin

Thesis Conceptstore Soweto
©Thesis Conceptstore Soweto

“Mzansi” – Soweto-Collage curated by Anja Gerin
During her stay in South Africa, social designer Anja Gerin took the chance to work side by side with bloggers, DJs, performance artists, publishers, street artists and dancers. Her collage “Mzansi”, which she created exclusively for M.Bassy, gives insights into the ways of a young South Africa that is flourishing in the former Township of Soweto.

Wandile Zondo, fonder of the Thesis Conceptstores in Soweto
Anja Gerin
Presentation by Anja Gerin
Spoek Mathambo's 'Future Sound Of Mzansi'