House Rules

M.Bassy promotes appreciation for knowledge about cultures and arts of the world. Through exhibitions and events, it creates spaces for cultural encounter and critical reflection. The M.Bassy concept of culture is as open and diverse as the biographies of the featured artists behind it.

1: The visitors have to behave in a way that no other persons are hindered or harassed at M.Bassy. In particular, discriminatory statements about origin, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, age or religious belief are prohibited. Also not allowed are statements that can be assigned to a right-wing extremist world view, in word, writing or gestures, as far as they are suitable to disturb the work and the operation of M.Bassy in the sense of the dedication purpose or to damage the reputation of M.Bassy. The same applies to the use of signs or symbols of inequality organizations.

2: It is forbidden for the visitors to disparage the freedom and dignity of man (Art. 1 GG) in word, writing or gestures. In case of disturbances of the exhibition or events, M.Bassy and the respective organizers reserve the right to make use of their domiciliary rights. Visitors who belong to right-wing extremist organizations, who are associated with the right-wing extremist scene, or who have already made inhuman (e.g. racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or national-authoritarian) statements in the past, can be expelled from the house if their presence disturbs the operation in the sense of the purpose of dedication or if damage to the reputation of M.Bassy is to be feared.

3: Visitors of M.Bassy have to behave in such a way that furnishings and exhibits are not damaged, soiled or destroyed. Smoking and the consumption of food and beverages is not permitted in the exhibition rooms. Animals (with the exception of assistance animals) may not be brought into the exhibition. Visitors are liable for the soiling, damage or loss of furnishings and exhibition objects in accordance with the general provisions of the German Civil Code.

4: Persons responsible for supervision (e.g. parents, teaching staff) must supervise those entrusted to their care in order to prevent accidents, damage, incidents and disturbances. The use of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, city scooters or similar is not permitted.

5: The display of advertising and information materials is only possible with prior permission from M.Bassy.

6: Photography and filming is only permitted for private purposes. The use of flash or tripods is prohibited.

7: Instructions of the M.Bassy team, which serve to comply with the mentioned conditions, have to be obeyed. In the event of a violation of these instructions and the established rules of conduct, visitors may be prohibited from further visits for the individual case. In case of more serious violations, M.Bassy may impose a temporary or permanent ban.

8: The M.Bassy team is entitled to document the events in the whole area of the M.Bassy premises with further technical aids (e.g. photo/video equipment) if necessary.

These house rules are valid as of December 1, 2018.