Sira Niamé (Marché Noir) & Bisrat Negassi, about new ways of representing afro-inspired fashion

presentation of negassi

Amah Ayivi created Marché Noir in Paris, a store for second-hand clothing and design. But instead of the usual vintage chic, they explore the African markets on their travels and take their treasures back to France. Most of their customers are fashion and design creatives from Paris. M.Bassy welcomes Sira Niamé from the Marché Noir to introduces her concept and understanding of sustainable fashion, as Marché Noir reverses the usual ways of the fashion industry and the concept of second-hand.

With NEGASSI fashion designer Bisrat Negassi has created a unique brand that emphasises and reflects on contemporary transcultural lifestyles. Having studied in France, Italy, Germany and the US, Eritrean-born Bisrat has found her way of communicating her personal experiences and influences through fashion as a universal medium. Her designs elegantly combine the roots of her African background with German simplicity.

Sira Niamé is presenting the idea of the Marché Noir
Sira Niamé is presenting the idea of the Marché Noir
Sira Niamé