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1 Key, photographed by Chriss Schwagga

fluctoplasma - Hamburg's Festival for Art, Discourse and Diversity is an interdisciplinary art festival that will take place for the third time from October 27 to 30, 2022 in Hamburg and offers a stage for diverse perspectives of artists, collectives, speakers - whether queer, Jewish or BI_PoC. We are about culture, democracy and solidarity - fluctoplasma, that is 96 hours for the fluid urban society. From morning to night you can move between exhibitions and DJ sets, interactive installations, talks and spoken word poetry. Panels and performances, concerts and VR walks are waiting for you - analog or digital! Come along on this journey to create an alternative vision of society together with the participating artists - a society that celebrates and lives diversity.

Further events will take place at M.Bassy:


Artists: Jingyun Li, Alina Saha
Friday, 28.10.22, 4pm-4:30 pm, 4:30pm-5pm, 5:30-6pm

overwrite is a participatory roundtable performance about written languages to unfold the perspectives and habits that we are used to taking for granted and that are metaphorically crystallized in our socialized way of writing. With a pen and a piece of paper, the performance invites the audience to try out and reinvent the possible diversity of spelling. While languages are often used as tools in the service of action, in this performance "language" itself is staged as artistic material. overwrite approaches the performativity of languages through the diversity of writing methods in existing human languages.

Forgetting Thailand

Collective: un.thai.tled
Friday, 28.10.22, 7pm

Inspired by feminist theorist and filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-Ha and her 2015 film essay "Forgetting Vietnam", the performance/installation "Forgetting Thailand" is rooted in un.thai.tled members' ongoing practice of addressing narratives of nation and "homeland" as ubiquitous yet violent histories, then deconstructing or even forgetting them. Here they are reshaped through everyday materials such as rice for the harvest season and nationalist sounds and costumes; un.thai.tled combine traditional stringed instruments, sounds synthesised on a laptop and performative bodies covered in traditions and violence.

23040 Stunden

Artist: Antonya Silva
Saturday, 29.10.22, 2pm

Between intimacy, subtle violence and the question of self-determination, knowledge is archived and passed on in 23040 hours of routines. Pasts and presences are braided, twisted, worn and left. European scales become inconsequential and bodies and spaces are reclaimed, while the question remains what 23040 Hours is, was, and will be in a capitalist system. As an interface of intersectional experiences, Afro-hair in 23040 Hours becomes a negotiating surface for questions of power and identity.

Let's talk about communism 

Speaker*innen: Debora Darabi, Lea Pilone
Saturday, 29.10.22, 5 pm

Communist ideas started out as great projects of society-changing utopias, but mostly failed in practice because of - yes, what actually? With the two young Marxists Lea Pilone and Debora Darabi we go in search of traces: Does it make sense to pick up on old communist theories and real-existing communist practice? Are they transformable or does communism need to be completely rethought instead? What are contemporary communist questions and how do they fit into an anti-racist and identity-political debate?

Tour De Controle

Artist: 1key
Saturday, 29.10.22, 8 pm

Tour de Contrôle is a solo musical performance created and performed by 1key as an expression of self-exaltation and liberation from social prejudices in which otherness is equated with madness. In this refined and poetic performance, the audience is immersed in the lyrical and musical worlds that have become home for the artist. The artist explores themes such as power dynamics, decolonization, social justice, freedom of expression, self-awareness, technology, love....

Stories that continue

Artist: Wanda Dubrau
Sunday, 29.10.22, 11 am

Practices of storytelling according to Donna Haraway. The workshop will explore storytelling as a collective feminist practice. How can storytelling be resistant to existing power relations and dominant narratives? Where can these stories be found and how do we tell them? The participants develop these from their own perspectives and experiences and in exchange with each other. The focus is on the process of storytelling as a dialogical process and the question of what feminist narratives might look like. We will make new connections, practice response-ability and radical imagination.

The Door of Return

Speaker*innen: Anna Zhukovets & Kokutekeleza Musebeni, Adyam Tesfamariam
Sunday, 29.10.22, 3 pm

"Do I really have to travel to 2020? Or can I still switch to another year?" - Two black women in a hologram context. The year 2440. Place of residence: Saturn. Racism, sexism and capitalism are overcome. The destination: Earth. The history of our past echoes into our future. Afro-German, that has been made invisible. The N-word, still pronounced in Germany, Germanness and Blackness as a contradiction, a flaw in the system. "The Door of Return" is an Afro-futuristic documentary. A thought experiment. A call and response. In conversation with Adyam Tesfamariam, directors Kokutekeleza Musebeni and Anna Zhukovets talk about the film and its concept, about Black Utopias and African Futurism.


Artists: Fatima Remli & Roxana Safarabadi
Friday, 28.10.22 – Sunday, 30.10.22

What happens when the feeling of not being here, but also not being there, right - dissolves? How could people develop if they are not exposed to the permanent pressure, the looks, the words of others, not to belong here. And by here, we also mean: there. There, where a homelessness can also arise. Because not quite there and not quite here. The installation HEIMAT(EN) deals with the question of what home or homelessness means for individual persons and which memories remain. It brings together virtually, auditorily and haptically the home(s) of the interviewed persons as well as of the artists and creates space for a variety of voices.

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The fluctoplasma festival is supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Fonds Soziokultur with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR. fluctoplasma is organised by the association Fluxus² e. V., supported by the production office Studio Marshmallow UG.