Nadine Hounkpatin (IAM Intense Art Magazine, Paris) and Laurent Gudin (XARITUFOTO Associaton, Senegal) present the exhibition of Roger da Silva

Nadine Hounkpatin
Nadine Hounkpatin

The Intensive Art Magazine (IAM) is one of the first publications to focus exclusively on female African art, fashion, and design. Founded in Paris in 2014, the magazine serves as a platform for creatives of different cultural backgrounds that are now based in Africa or the diaspora. Nadine Hounkpatin from IAM visited M.Bassy and talked about the concept of the magazine and shared some of the fascinating stories she encountered during her work.

XARITUFOTO is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Dakar in 2010 with the intention to preserve and advertise African photography. Laurent Gudin from XARITUFOTO will be presenting the work of Roger da Silva at M.Bassy. From 1953 until 1969 he managed a popular photo studio in Dakar, which was specialised in portraits. His photographs resemble a historical portrait of Senegal during this time.

Exhibition Roger da Silva
Photo by Roger da Silva
© Roger da Silva, Xaritufoto