09.06-30.06.2018 – Alex Heide
uncertain sound

Alex Heide conceives the photographic as performative approaching and thus not solely restricted to the outcome of a material image. Diving into social structures and spaces, into private life and relations is for her the starting point for re/producing communication with the means of analogue colour photography. Along with this goes no longer the question “What do I disclose?” but “How do I make use and show photography”?

Touching, confronting, dealing with, sensing, longing for, and repeating are ways of agency for Heide to not only producing but imagining photographic images. Acting on and with bodies happens through the photographic apparatus with others, sharing and handing it over, as well as by oneself in the darkroom. For Heide does not understand the photographic images as a singular expression of meaning, but as something which expresses its potential for communication through its material, the traces of its coming-into-being which enters into relations with other images.

Her installations thus aim at intensifying these communicative traits and at opening them up towards the beholders in a physical manner in which gazes demand movements. It is the belief in the impossibility of photography to create and show something definitive which forms the basis of this artistic agency and is thought of as a potentiality.

As part of this years OFF Triennial of photography / Breaking Point. Searching for Change. Heide shows new works at M.Bassy.

Opening 8 June, 7.30 PM / Artist Talk 9 June, 5 PM / Finissage 30 June, 6 PM

Open during OFF Triennale 9-17 June

Monday -Saturday, 11 Am- 6PM
20-23 June, 11 AM-6 PM
27-30 June by appointment