28.06 – 13.07.2019
Strategies for Inhabiting Time

Muriel Gallardo Weinstein, Infographic Textile at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, 2 x 2 x 1,30 m. 70 kg , 2018. Photo by Ze Wei

“Strategies for Inhabiting Time” is a touring exhibition conceived by TEMPORAL which proposes a discourse based around the relationships formed between migration, living space, and creative process. In times of acceleration and global crisis, artists Felipe Cusicanqui, Muriel Gallardo Weinstein and Carola Pérez reflect on the following questions: How do we construct identities? How do we change them? What are the living patterns that emerge from these changes? How do we inhabit them?

These questions formed the basis of a collective research process between the artists, approached through their own creative practices. In the works of these three Chilean artists, we can find the visual, the haptic and the interaction as modes and languages for setting contact zones inside of the exhibition space. Through painting and pursuing visual and sensory contact with found objects and their abstract and figurative potentials, Felipe Cusicanqui invites the eye to a reflection on identity and forms of grasping the real. Basing on statistical information and anthropological research, Muriel Gallardo Weinstein collects pieces of fabric and weaves them into giant baskets visualizing migration processes, cultural interactions and changes inside different communities in Berlin. Carola Pérez develops a software-based installation collecting and synthesizing colors from pictures and Instagram profiles from migrant subjects. Her interactive work opens a discussion about different levels of protection, identity formation, and dissolution. A resulting pixel-based Pantone synthesizes chromatic information from social profiles and private digital pictures. It shows a crystallization of changes in the color of skin, makeup, clothes, and the environment in the course of time - an always changing surface“.


Carola Pérez (Santiago de Chile, 1978)

Pérez is an artist and cultural manager. She studied Art at the Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso and Film at DUOC-UC in Santiago de Chile. Questions related to design management, change and mediation of perception are the main themes relating to her work, as well as issues of image, color, and style as tools for self-representation. She has worked for independent cultural spaces like MIL M2, and Estudio Panal, among others in Santiago de Chile. She lives and works in Berlin.

Muriel Gallardo Weinstein (Santiago de Chile, 1980)

Gallardo Weinstein is an artist, she studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Finis Terrae and holds an MFA at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, as well as an MFA in Textile and Surface Design at the Weissensee Academy of Arts in Berlin. She has developed several artistic projects in the frame of residencies like Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien and GlogauAir (both in Berlin) as well as Bloc (Santiago de Chile).

Combining different weaving techniques and turning them into a complex series of work, Muriel inspires her work from questions emerging from philosophical and interdisciplinary research. Since 2014 the artist has developed collaborations with philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists through projects related to processes of cultural change and migration, materialized via artistic research practice. She has shown her work at museums, galleries, and institutions in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. She lives and works in Berlin.

Felipe Cusicanqui (Santiago de Chile, 1977)

Felipe studied Fine Arts between 1997 and 2002 at the Universidad Finis Terrae in Santiago. He has had 12 solo shows at private galleries and museums in Chile and Germany. His work approaches questions of duality between image and background, gestures and materiality, figuration and abstraction. Through the research of his own bodily skills and forces (“The path of their pulse”), he explores the possibilities of local, abandoned or lost materials. Cusicanqui is represented by Galeria Patricia Ready in Santiago as well as by Galerie Born in Berlin and Darss (State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Felipe lives and works in Berlin.

Curatorial Support

Teobaldo Lagos (Puerto Montt, Chile, 1978)

Teobaldo Lagos holds a B.A. in Communication Sciences at the UAM-Xochimilco in Mexico City and an M.A. in Latin American Studies at the Free University of Berlin. He is writing a Ph.D. Thesis in Urban Heritage, Anthropology and Contemporary Art at the Universitat de Barcelona and works as Ph.D. Associate Researcher at the Research Group “Art, Globalization, Interculturality”. His dissertation approaches the production of public space in the practice of different Latin American artists in Berlin after the Fall of the Wall. As an author, he has written several critical reviews and articles in publications from different cultural spaces, such as Revista Artishock (Chile), #ERRATA (Colombia), Camera Austria (A), and Campo de Relámpagos (Spain). He worked as a Guest Editor for the ELSE Journal for Contemporary Art (Transart Institute NY) and co-curated 2014 Border Bridges: Contemporary Mirrors in the frame of the Latin American Film Festival in Berlin. He has led artistic research projects, seminars, and workshops in Germany, Mexico, and Chile.

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This Project is funded by the Head Office for Cultural Affairs (DIRAC) of the Foreign Ministry of the Government of the Republic of Chile and realized with the kind support of the Embassy of the Republic of Chile in Germany and the Chilean Consulate General in Hamburg.