17.12.2022, 7pm
Melanie Raabe
»Die Kunst
des Verschwindens«

Melanie Raabe reads from her new novel »Die Kunst des Verschwindens« (btb). In it, the young photographer Nico meets the actress Ellen Kirsch and immediately feels an uncanny closeness and bond. Is there such a thing, a kindred spirit between strangers? What do the two women see in each other? A story about an intense encounter and the beginning of a search for oneself.

Melanie Raabe, photo by Marina Rosa Weigl

Melanie Raabe

Melanie Raabe was born in Jena in 1981. After graduating, she worked as a journalist journalist by day - and secretly wrote books by night. 2015 "The Trap" was published in 2015, followed by "The Truth" in 2016, then "The Shadow" in 2018 and "The Woods" in 2019. Her novels are published in over twenty countries, and several film adaptations are in the works. Melanie Raabe also runs a successful weekly podcast on the topic of creativity, "Raabe & Kampf", together with the artist Laura Kampf. In autumn 2020, her first non-fiction book was published, "Kreativität" (Creativity), and in spring 2021 her contribution to the KiWi Musikbibliothek essay series, "Melanie Raabe über Lady Gaga" (Melanie Raabe on Lady Gaga). In October 2022, "The Art of Disappearing" was published. Melanie Raabe lives and writes in Cologne.

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