3.12.2022, 19.00
Max Lobe

Max Lobe © Nadir Mokdad

Reading and conversation with Max Lobe (German/French/English) Moderation: Jona Elisa Krützfeld
German reading: Simon Olubowale

On his return home, Max Lobe seeks out the old woman Mâ Maliga in the Bassa forest to learn from her what she knows about the independence movement in Cameroon and its leader Ruben Um Nyobè. "Confidences" is the narrative of this talkative and mischievous woman who experienced the resistance against the colonial power first hand. While telling her story, she does not forget to taste the palm wine and offer it to her counterpart as well. In a mixture of deep seriousness and light drunkenness, we thus learn the story of Cameroon's independence and its silent war.

Max Lobe, born in Duala in 1986, lives in Geneva as a novelist, poet and cultural activist and is the author of five novels. Themes that run through his work include queerness, migration and postcoloniality. Lobe is the founder of GenevAfrica, an organisation that aims to build cultural bridges between Swiss and continental African authors.

Translated from French by Katharina Triebner-Cabald.
The publication was supported by the Swiss cultural foundation ProHelvetia.

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