Talk & Jam Session | Elbphilharmonie PLUS

26.6.2024, 19.00
The bonds between
music, homeland
and diaspora

Ramadu Dumisani Moyo – Photo by 10th District Music | Tswarelo Mothobe

Talk & Jam Session with Ramadu und Jumoke Adeyanju

What influences your own music-making? Which cultural roots play a role and how can you express yourself in music – especially when you live far away in the diaspora? These are questions about which the singer Ramadu and dancer, DJane and author Jumoke Adeyanju exchange views in order to jam together afterwards.

Ramadu is the stage name of Dumisani Moyo. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, he lived in Vienna for a long time and now promotes the musical culture of his homeland. This season, he is developing one of the Elbphilharmonie join-in ensembles with the Chor zur Welt, a programme about the varied a cappella music in Southern Africa. He will be part of this panel discussion a few days before the concerts on 30 June that have already sold out.
With Jumoke Adeyanju as his discussion partner, he faces a multi-disciplinary artist, who also studied African-/Asian Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin and completed a Masters in African Politics in London. Musa Okwonga, who likewise works in London as an author and musician as well as a radio presenter, moderates. This event takes place in English.

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