M.Bassy Sessions #5
with KillASon & b.elle

»M.Bassy Sessions #5« with with KillASon & b.elle

In the fifth edition of the "M.Bassy Sessions" we have KillASon und b.elle as guests at M.Bassy. KillASon and b.elle are performing together with Luke O´Malley, Maik Schott, Yvan Talbot and Richard Ojijo the new song »flight intendant«.


Paris-based rapper KillAson, whose real name is Marcus Dossavi-Gourdot, grew up with hip-hop culture. During his childhood, his love for music and dance led him to quickly realise that hip-hop was his life. As a member of the prominent crews Wanted Posse and Undercover, KillASon participates in many dance competitions around the world, but also works on various artistic projects such as a theatre show, his fourth album and many other creative projects.

The music series was set up as jam, talk & cooking sessions continuing intimate and creative encounters in times of pandemic limitations effecting especially artists and performers. Musicians from Hamburg, from the African continent and diaspora came together with other fellow artists, express their identities and beliefs and play music in person, but also to perform digitally to an audience. The artistic exchange was deepened through a joining talk and collective cooking session.

Our big thanks go to all artists and the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg. Funded by Neustart Kultur, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.