M.Bassy Sessions #3 with b.elle

»M.Bassy Sessions #3« mit b.elle

The third edition of »M.Bassy Sessions« hosts b.elle and KillASon at M.Bassy. Together with Luke O´Malley, Maik Schott, KillASon, Yvan Talbot and Richard Ojijo the Hamburg singer-songwriter b.elle performs »stars«–the first single of her just released album »see-through«.


Singer-songwriter b.elle actively participates in the Hamburg music scene since 2019. Her oeuvre steadily reflects her diverse cultural and artistic influences as well as lived experience transforming them in honest and intimate lyrics embedded in heavily electronic productions and easily floating vocals.

b.elle, photography by Dominik Bruhns

The music series is set up in the further course as jam, talk & cooking sessions continuing intimate and creative encounters in times of pandemic limitations effecting especially artists and performers. Musicians from Hamburg, from the African continent and diaspora are offered a platform to come together with other fellow artists, express their identities and beliefs and play music in person, but also to perform digitally to an audience. The artistic exchange will be deepened through a joining talk and collective cooking session. We hope that the sessions will develop to an evening of physical presence with an audience soon! The following sessions will be dropped in a monthly rhythm. So please, watch out & and stay connected!

Our big thanks go to all artists and the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg. Funded by Neustart Kultur, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.