Kulturforum Sud-Nord Artist in Residence Program

Reversed Exploration #2
with Amina Zoubir
04/02/2021 - 15/05/2021

My Body Is Not for Sale #18, 2020, photo collage on paper, 24 x 30 cm, iaspis Stockholm.

Kulturforum Sud-Nord started the thematic residence "Reversed Exploration" summer 2020 to reverse the roles of the discoverer and the discovered. Artists from the Global South are invited to explore Hamburg and deconstruct traces of the colonial past in public spaces and museum collections. Kulturforum Sud-Nord and M.Bassy collaborate to share this process with the public of Hamburg and create platforms of sustainable debates. Kulturforum Sud-Nord received support for Amina Zoubir's stay in Hamburg from the Liebelt Foundation and the Hamburg Ministry of culture and media.

Videomaker and visual artist Amina Zoubir works on the notions of body in specific spaces. Using female, male, animal and objects bodies, those interact with urban and rural spaces around the world. Her artworks question the social and historical thoughts from the poetics and myths in the Maghreb (North Africa).

The concepts developed through her artworks request the notions, the positionings and the tensions of language of the human being/animal/object body and its joint in urban/rural/fictional space. Her installations, drawings, videos, sculptures, photographs and land art are textual and contextual interventions on materials: wax, wood, metals and wall, reveal and deconstruct a behavioral allusion of the transfer of the unconscious and the imagination of individuals, evolving in a predetermined space according to the sociocultural, ethnopsychical and political contexts. The intention of the created images tries to embellish this moment of distance of the ordinary physical standards, to reveal an esthetics of the performative action operated by the artist whose intervention of the imbalance aims at thwarting the established order and at lifting the dissimulation of the imagination. A moved and poetic look on the body, articulated by spaces favoring the positioning of who looks is looked.

Amina Zoubir at the 58th Venice Biennial 2019

About Amina Zoubir

Amina Zoubir (*1983) is an Algerian visual artist and videomaker who works on the notion of body and its interactions in public spaces to question and analyse social and historical thoughts in the Maghreb, North Africa. Through her installations and performances, she make reference to the behavioral transfer of the individuals' unconscious when they evolve in predetermined spaces by socio-political norms and cultural codifications, while her intention seeks to create a distorsion in order to thwart the established order. Through her poetic artistry to view on the human/animal/object body, she pushes us to reflect on the established rules of our contemporary society. Her artworks bring constructive looks and pushes forward the evolution of contemporary society, in particular Algerian society. 

She graduated with a Master of Theory and practice of contemporary art and new media from University Paris 8 (2009, France) and a DESA graphic design obtained at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Algiers (2006, Algeria). Her work has been exhibited in biennials such as Lahore Biennale (2020), Venice Biennale Algerian Pavilion (2019), BISO Sculpture Biennale Ouagadougou (2019), Cairo Biennale (2019), Dakar Biennale (2018), Lagos Biennale (2017), Lagos Photo Festival (2017), Casablanca Biennale (2016), Addis FotoFest (2014), Biennale BY14 Yakutsk Russia (2014), Pontevedra Biennale (2008) and shown in group exhibitions at museums such as MAXXI Museum, MUSAC, CAAM Las Palmas, Torrance Art Museum, Galleries as Primo Marella Gallery, PasaJist Gallery, Pink Gallery, Vovatanya Gallery, Photon Center for Contemporary Photography, Artos Foundation, TAC, French Cultural Centre, and Leonardo Palazzo darte contemporano. She received the Iaspis residency in Stockholm (2020, Sweden), the Bag Factory in Johannesburg (2019, South Africa), Cité Internationale des arts in Paris (2014, France), Cinematheque Tangier (2013, Morocco), Videochroniques Aflam in Marseille (2010, France), Fondation Michelangelo Pistoletto in Bari (2008, Italy). She was awarded the price Varenne FIGRA France in 2013 with a special motion for her performances Take your place during A Summer in Algiers web documentary (2012, Algeria). Her artworks have been included in public and private collections at Fondation Donwahi (Abidjan, Ivory Cost), FRAC Occitanie Fond Régional Art Contemporain Les Abattoirs (Toulouse, France), African Artists for Development (Paris, France).
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