06.05. – 27.05.2017 Exhibition

»Arising African Perspectives«

Io Makandal

»We believe that culture and art can create change and function as important driver for our society.«

Lars Kristian Bode, founder and owner of LKB/G, is particularly supporting artists from the Global South. With his unconventional concept he is going to establish a newly platform of exhibiting art ateye level. After various travels and occasional residencies in South Africa, Kenya or Cuba, he hasgathered and captured numerous impressions, fascinations and art forms in all shapes and colours.

»Our gallery is building a bridge between the cultures. Discussion, emotion, inspiration –as an open door and a warm welcome we are proving artists the opportunity to gain further ground in the international community. After all Hamburg is a gateway to the world. Why shouldn’t we use it? In the upcoming months we will work on a long-lasting collaboration of the global community together with creatives from all over the world.«

Io Makandal

Lars collaborates with galleries from many different countries and manifests this idea of combining the two worlds to eventually provide a serious platform for these highly skilled artists, regardless of language, culture or origin. The content of the gallery is displayed in perennial exhibition formats. LKB/G’s activities will be embedded in a larger concept, which will also include artist residencies, art and cultural exchange, arts promotion and art education programmes in collaboration with artists on-site. The intend is to provide a platform for its represented artists, the art community and the society.

The first exhibition »Arising African Perspectives« displays the works of two south African artists, Io Makandal and Mxolisi Vusi Beauchamp, as well as the artistic work from the artist Gideon Appah from Ghana. Furthermore an extract of some East African artists of the Millerntor Gallery will be part of the exhibition, which runs from May 06th until May 27th 2017.

Mxoloisi Vusi Beauchamp

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