»M.Bassy Cinema Series #1«

Sneak-Preview with two film screenings at the atmospheric space of M.Bassy diving into Black art, culture & music, intellectual thought and socio-political realities of life. Bring your own yoga mat & pillow and make yourself comfortable!

»M.Bassy Cinema Series #1«
06.03.2022, 16 – 20 Uhr
Entrance (donation): 10,- EUR for cinema & cake & drinks
Only with pre-registration via

COVID-19 requires a new way of interacting during your exhibition visit. Therefore, we ask you not only for your own protection, but that of fellow visitors and our employees as well, to always act responsibly and to strictly adhere to the following safety measures protective and hygienic measures

M.Bassy e.V. is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg

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